Understanding asset preloading

Hello Hype friends!

I’m trying to understand asset preloading better.

In reading up on the subject, I saw a post (by @Daniel, I believe) where he mentioned the trick of unchecking preloading on the assets. Then, placing the assets on a scene (out of view) in order to force preloading on a scene of your choice.

This seems like a very cool trick that I would like to leverage. However, I’m wondering how to make this work in a scenario where I have multiple layouts and @1x and @2x assets?

Are there any other tricks or options for having greater control of asset preloading?

Thank you!

If you have an image on scene 2 that you want preloaded on scene 1, copy that image from scene 2 into scene 1 (or the first layout loaded for that device), then set the ‘scale’ to 0 or 1%. (Preload should be unchecked for the image).

If you’re working with bitmap images, getting your JPGs exported as progressive JPGs is a great way to make the loading experience a bit smoother.

Wonderful, exactly what I needed to know.
Thanks so much!