Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'play' of null

Struggling to make sense of an error i’ve started receiving…

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘play’ of null” at function He(a, b, c) in the HYPE-xxx.thin.min.js

Can anyone tell me what might be clashing or causing an issue here?
I’m a bit baffled so unsure what other info I may need to provide to help you guys understand so forgive me if i’m being a bit vague.

This error isn’t happening on one specific hype animation either, it appears to be quite random on lots of animations I have.

This is normally when you are trying to access an element’s property from a function but the element was not found in the first place

Please upoad a project that you get this, so try and help you.!!

SMARTAUS_new.zip (238.5 KB)

This animation seems to be the root of the problem!
I’ve tried editing the javascript to not run the function if the element is not found but when the animation is loaded once again (and the element is found) it doesn’t load the animation properly :frowning:

Trying my best to explain this properly! haha

I should add that the browser page itself is never refreshed (you’ve answered a few of my other queries before where i mentioned this is all for an online course structure) :slight_smile:

What Javascript, it looks like you have taken out all the JS in the posted project. So I cannot see any error or JS ??.

The JS error i receive is external:

Are you ab;e to post your project with the JS you are using ?

By editing the javascript i mean the HYPE-xxx.thin.min.js file, i’ve successfully had to add bits of code before to stop a similar error

I see.

This is not normal.

The error would be coming from some other code and bubble up to the Hype error messages. I see Jquery is used and some other JS.

It would be hard to help further without access to what ever external page this is on which is probably the real reason for these errors.