UI/UX - animated tab bar navigation

One of ways to make friendly animated tab bar navigation, using HYPE 3 PRO (no coding).
Hope you enjoy.

Video process:

File to use:
Tab_bar_navigation.zip (48,2 КБ)


Nice work Vitaliy, the sticker and emoticons are fantastic!

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Tnx Michelangelo!

Excellent very creative, minimalist and practical work.
Hype Pro is a very versatile tool in the hands of a professional
work look like this Congratulations

Excelente trabajo muy creativo, minimalista y practico.
Hype Pro es una herramienta muy versatil y en manos de un profesional
se ven trabajos como este Felicidades

Nice animation technique on the concentric circles.

Outstanding. Thanks for the tutorial!

@JimScott @quint
Here you can find more interesting works by @VGo

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