Typing javascript issue

(Ian bennett) #1

Could somebody tell me why when I click on the button to go to scene 2 the typing Js runs ok but when I go to scene 1 and then back to scene 2 it doesn’t play? The text just appears as static text. On my actual file it doesn’t play at all on the second visit!

Typewriter 2.zip (20.0 KB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

I’m not sure about the version you are using since it relies on jquery; the latest examples from the website are without it. When I use this library version and code it resets each time:

Typewriter-fixed.hype.zip (29.4 KB)

(I also hide the cursor, since that shows up in the wrong spot for some reason)

(Ian bennett) #3

Thank you Jonathan, I will investigate. It is now “officially” beer-o-clock here!


(Ian bennett) #4

Works well, thank you. I realised that I had to use the typed.js stored in the Lib folder and not the src folder.