Typekit Font not Exporting in GIF, PNG, or MP4

I am using Hype Pro 3.5.1 and successfully imported a font from TypeKit. It looks great in the design, but when I try exporting as either an animated GIF, PNG sequence, or MP4 movie, the font is substituted with Times Roman. Is there a solution or workaround I’m missing?

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This may help:

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Thanks. The preview looks correct in my browser on my local machine, but I’m still not able to export a GIF, which is what I need.

That's strange.

Can you try one of these capture tools?

I’m having this problem as well, with Hype 3.2.1 (526) Pro and some rather complex, type-centric animations. I’ve liberally added localhost,, and my [machine-name].local domain to Typekit’s kit domains, and yet still I get the serif fallback when attempting to render a video, GIF, or PNG sequence. In-browser previews work great, however.

Is there a hacky way to tell the renderer to sub in local fonts, or any way at all to get around this? It seems like it doesn’t honor Typekit imports or is simply working from a domain I’ve yet to identify.

This is a known issue; the problem is that the GIF/Video is animating from a file URL and not via a localhost/ domain where the fonts would show up. I’d like to fix this in a future release.

You could theoretically download the fonts so they are local. You can either add them to your system or import into the Hype document itself and setup custom CSS. You can see the docs here:



Thanks for clarifying, @jonathan. I don’t have access to view that second (forum) link, but this makes sense.

Is there an easy way to update every utilized instance of a font? I assume I could establish a new linked local font within the Hype UI and then edit *.hype/data.plist to change references like this…


…so that my-typekit-font-name becomes my new local one. Assuming that’d work, is that the only way to avoid loads of point-and-click action?

Unfortunately there’s not an easy way to update a font; this is a long-standing request I’d like to tackle.
Plist hacking is about the only way to do it now, but totally unsupported :slight_smile:. The only official workaround is to delete the the font and create a new one.

I’m going to take that as “sure, hack at the plist if it seems to work and saves you lots of time, just don’t come back here whining about it if you’re already being cavalier after I warned you.”

And I can live with that.

Exactly :slight_smile:.