Typeface showing in Firefox and Chrome but not in Safari


I'm sure there's just a little detail that I overlooked :confounded: but I cannot find it.


Thanks for your help!

  • font names are not matching! Don't use quotes in the top field.
  • resource path is not in your snippet CustomFonts should be ${resourcesFolderName}

Clicking on the question mark leads you to Tumult Hype Documentation with a full on tutorial.

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Thank you Max!

I spent several hours trying to follow the documentation, without success! :frowning: Creating lots of fun stuff with Hype it all ends with not being able to include a font. I guess I'm at the mercy of a real coder again.

Thanks anyway!

Not sure, did you fix it? Just share a Hype file, and we might fix it for you. But only a link adds unnecessary effort to recreate your problem.

Couldn't solve it. Font only shows in Chrome, none of the other browsers.


Here you go. I regenerated the font files from the Open Type Font. Works now …

FoundersGrotesk.hype.zip (125,4 KB)


This is perfect, I appreciate both, your support and your expertise! Thank you so much Max! :pray:t3: