Type-in/Written Quiz

Hi , i would very appreciate if somebody could give me directions on how to build a quiz ,
where user need to type the name of the color he sees, and then press check button and then timeline is triggered .
(From what i saw only html is not enough , looks like it needs to be connected with javascript )

This exact example is in “A Book About Hype” except that the user clicks a button with their favorite color. Then, the scene is loaded.

I’m on my iPad right now, so I’m describing the process from memory. Basically, you’d create an on click / tap event. When that event is triggered, JavaScript is run. In your new JavaScript function, the “element” ID can be used as a parameter in a Hype API function.

There’s one for switching scenes. So, if a “red” element was pressed, the “red” scene can be loaded. The trick is to match your element names with the scene names.

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Hi Shmuel:

Here is one way to create a quiz: Howto: Simple Quiz Example

There are many examples on the forums with different ways to tabulate answers and represent questions (search for quiz at the top).

Also, you may be interested in this blog post: http://blog.tumult.com/2014/04/16/creating-interactive-educational-content/

Thanks You,
I am looking for something like this ( i created something nearly…closely)
test typing in .hype.zip (236.8 KB)