Type effect of image

(Cristiano) #1

I have buy HYPE 3 PROFESSIONAL the first time, it is excellent app, more effects and much better than Flash Player…

But there is a problem or maybe my difficult use…
When I import image, how I can use/setup a type effect?

Example I would like this effect of image see this link

That is, if I insert 4 images and for browse, browse changing image any effect as effect of cube, lines, pieces, etc?
It is possibile?

(james koh) #2

hi christiano~
I have looked at the site you linked.
yes it can be done with Hype.
looks like they used javascript to have random effect.
I think there will be another person to help you out with coding.
if you know how to code then you can simply ‘pause timeline’ action on each photo and put ‘run javascript’ action.
or if you like to go without coding you can edit the photos with photoshop and make them move like the effect.
I think making the effect to look like the site you linked is not easy to make without coding.
hope my answer helped you.

(Greg) #3

You could use a website like http://imagesplitter.net to split an image into sectional pieces and set timelines to blend them.


mesh-transition.hype.zip (84.4 KB)