Type appears blurry

I have live type in my animated web banner and some of the type appears blurry while others are not. Is there a fix for this?

Can you share a link or document with an example? Also, let us know what browser and operating system you’re testing on.

Notice the button text is slightly blurry and the text on the left is not.

Testing on Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116
Mac OS X version 10.11.2

I experienced this when scaling the text.

Seems like it happens when you scale the text box. The text size stays the same but scaling the box renders the text blurry.

I recommend changing the text size instead of scaling whenever possible. Some browsers do not scale text well unfortunately.

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if you scale fonts in browser - webKit must be off.
also it doesn´t work, if you use rotating.

means exactly¿ can you share some inside / links?

rotation is not enabled and webkit is deacivated. pins only left/top or right/top

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Disabling Webkit Graphics Acceleration did the trick. The text is no longer
blurry. Thanks!