Two timelines running on one object at a time?

Hi all, n00b question here:
Can you have two timelines operating on the same object parameter at the same time? I’m making an animation of a car race, loosely modeled after the NES classic game Excitebike.
I want each car to move slightly up and down in a loop to show that the engine is rumbling and it’s driving over uneven terrain.
I also want each car to move left and right repeatedly over the timeline to show some cars racing ahead and others falling behind each other.
I made two separate timelines, called “rumble” (up & down) and “race” (left & right) but I can’t get them to run at the same time so the cars rumble while they race!
I suspect it’s because both timelines control the same origin parameters that they’re cancelling each other out or something.
What should I do?

look up the documentation for relative timelines:

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No, otherwise the timelines would fight back and forth. Timelines will take “ownership” of a specific property. This is performed when a timeline is started, so the last started timeline wins ownership.

Do note this is on a per-property level, not a per-element level. So you can run multiple simultaneous timelines. One could animate the top, and the other could animate the left of an element just fine. But both can’t fight over the same property.


Thanks all, this was super helpful and I was able to get it all animated just the way I wanted. Thanks for the help!