Two small infographics

akv and map . done last week. they’ll be used within a wp-site. akv has got a second layout for mobiles …


Very well done Hans

very nice Hans, I love the AKV



just want to add that embedding hypedocs with dynamic heights within iFrame in wp-documents works fine using this technic:

it can easily be change to be generic using a common nomenklatur:
hypedoc onscene-, onlayoutload (first scriptcall!)

var height = hypeDocument.getElementProperty(element, 'height'); //scene(layout)height
window.parent.postMessage(["hype_custompart", height], "*");//id of your iFrame within wp


window.addEventListener('message', function(e) {
var eventName =[0];

if(eventName.indexOf('hype_') != -1){
var data =[1];
var iframe = document.getElementById(eventName);
iframe.height = data + 'px';

I like the transitions on ‘map’, Hans!