Two screens with different content


I’m trying to achieve a kiosk with two screens: one touchscreen for navigate through the menus and choose the document to view on the second large screen. Anyone have experience doing this with Hype ? I’m using xStand on a Mac-Mini for the kiosk mode. Thanks. Manuel, Belgian Comics Museum - Brussels.

If Xstand lets you attach an iPad for use in controlling a Mac Mini (for example) then you might be able to make some link between them. Their documentation is behind a login screen:, so I’m not sure how much I can help.

Hype can run on any browser, but for it to be able to control the contents of another window you would need to find a way to either link up commands from the touch screen to route through a server, or perhaps there’s some built in continuity-like tool that Xstand produces which can help with this.

There might be a serverless solution if you use a protocol like Webrtc. Here’s a demo:

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