Two potential UX improvements (Shortcuts and auto switching panel)

(riceman225) #1

I’ve been using Hype heavily for prototyping purpose. I always started from using Sketch to create the static screens and then create the same elements in Hype for animation/prototype purpose.

Since I have to draw a lot of rectangles and round shapes (yes, that’s basically what I draw for 50% of the time…) I feel frustrated not being able to create the shapes using shortcuts. It would be nice to at least to have shortcut R for Rectangles and O for Ovals.

Another little UX improvement could be automatically change the right panel according to the previous action. A simple use case is that when I draw a rectangle, 99% of time I would go to the element panel to change the style. When I put a text, 99% of time I would go to the typography panel to adjust text style. So I was thinking would that be nice Hype could automatically switch the panel based on what I’m doing?

Just some thoughts.