Two hype projects with Video autoplay inline embed do not play simultaneously

Hi there, I’m back with videos autoplay loop inline issues.
I would like to embed on a website two Hypes projects, with, in each, a video in autoplay inline muted loop. If I embed only one, it works fine with iOS (on Android the autoplay still does not work properly, but let say it’s another issue). But if I embed two hypes projects… it does not work (in iOS). One is playing but not the other.
I’ve got two examples:, where I repeated three times the same project with a video, which is for iOS a rectangle and the code video autoplay inline etc… and a script that loads the video.
In the second example: , the same project twice, but with at each of the two iframes, a different scene of the project loaded. Same technic: rectangle, video code in it, script that loads video.
Is there a conflict with two projects embeded in iframe on one webpage ? Do you have some clue ?
Is there a way to “freeze” somehow one project embeded, once it is not anymore on screen on Ipad ?, so the other project would not be in conflict with the other ? - The issue only concern on iOS.
I hope my post is understandable…
Thank you and have a wonderful evening everybody. All help is overwelcome :slight_smile:

Both pages work for me on an iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3.3 (beta 2). What device/OS are you on?

It took a bit to load initially and I also notice there are some syntax errors in your javascript that are being reported on the console.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think it’s a 9.3.5 (I’m going to try to update it) but still, there’s no way two videos can play together on Android up to date. I’ve tried also to put on one scene two videos autoplay, not even embed on another site, and it’s not working on androids, neither the ipad I’m using.

iOS 9 cannot autoplay video. This is an iOS 10 feature (and then, only if muted).