TV Poster effect?

(ekim) #1

Can anyone provide me an example template to get this effect of the card by Kloc? Thanks.


Hi @ekim

Here is a document that should help you on your way. It can be improved and it is not exactly like the example you gave. :wink: (40.2 KB)


A little more work on the shadows :slight_smile: (40.7 KB)

(ekim) #4

Happy Thanks Giving! It’s close enough with your second shot. Thank you so much. I’ll take it from here and see how it’ll work. I may make just a slight adjustments where it’s not too angled and/or more subtle. I’m no programmer, so what you did is really cool. I’ll look you up if I need to hire you to do more complex things in the near future for hype pro documents. For now, I’m mostly the linear animator for it. Thanks.

(Greg) #5

Good one DBear.