Turn scenes into symbols

(Tal Thompson) #1

Is is possible to turn complete scenes including animations into a symbol. Everyone I try to select all the layers of the scene and the animation, then click on “New Symbol from Scene” the timeline animation is not included in the new scene.


I’m not seeing this – are you on version 3.5.1?

  1. Create animation on an element in the main timeline
  2. Select Element, click Symbol > New Symbol from Selection
  3. The new symbol contains the animation I created.

I’m also seeing this behavior with additional timelines.

Are you following different steps?

(Tal Thompson) #3

Hi Daniel. Yes thanks for your reply. I am following the steps you mentioned.
Can I send you my source file? I’m trying to turn the whole scene into a symbol including animations.

(Tal Thompson) #4

To be more specific, I am trying to select multiple elements and the animations as part of an entire scene.


Yep! Add it to a zip file and drag it into your reply.

(Tal Thompson) #6

Thanks! here ya go…
index2.zip (583.2 KB)

(Tal Thompson) #7

Any luck?


Hi @talthompson

Because you are using a timeline called “New Timeline” then it won’t include it automatically on the Main Timeline of the scene. You have to click the “+” on Symbol Actions (after you have selected all and then created a New Symbol from selection) and choose “Start Timeline” , “New Timeline”. This will enable you to then preview your animation as you did before.

(Tal Thompson) #9

Thanks so much for your help. I must be missing something, I’m trying to follow but can’t quite find the + symbol actions part of your instructions.

(Tal Thompson) #10

I found it. Thanks.

(Tal Thompson) #11

index3.zip (553.5 KB)

I successfully got the symbol created and animated however there appears to be a freak out at the end of the loop that wasn’t there before the “symbol creation” process. Any ideas?


Sorry no idea. I can’t follow what you are doing with your document. There seems to be a loop being created. Check your timeline actions.