Tumult project in xcode- sizing question

I created an app using Tumult Hype and I imported it into xcode so
that I can prep it to send to the apple store. When I use Tumult’s app
simulator everything is fine. There are two pages in which it is
required to hold the device horizontally to view animations and the
screen correctly adjusts to fit fine. Those two pages are designed in
tumult with landscape settings.
But in the xcode simulator when I hold the phone horizontally, while the
screen adjusts, the view of the actually page is cut off as if it only
shows in portrait mode. Oddly, it allows me to scroll over to see the
entire page, but it does not fill the screen.
I have added a webview size that’s made to fit an iphone 6 in xcode.
I’ve adjusted no other settings or constraints and tried to tweak some
things to no avail.
I added this code to my view controller m

//you need this to make it fit

[self.Webview setScalesPageToFit:YES];

[[self.Webview scrollView] setBounces:NO];

Not sure if that’s what causing this problem

I’m new to coding and app design so i hope this is not too vague.