Tumult Hype Widget Does not Display in Ibooks scrollview

When I view my iBooks Author document in scrollview on an iPhone the Tumult widgets disappear. Suggestions would be appreciated.


What do you mean by ‘scrollview’ – can you share your files or let us know more information?

When in iBooks on an iPhone if you tap the screen you will see aA as an option at the top of the screen. When tapped there is an option to enter Scrolling View. When this option is selected the iBook view will change to scrolling and the Hype widgets are no longer visible in the iBook.

In my test, I was able to see the widget in both scrolling view and normal view: scrollingview-test.zip (848.7 KB)

Can you share a test iBook document and your Tumult Hype document as well?

This site will not let me upload a iBook. Suggestions? email…?

Select the book, ctrl + click on it and select ‘Compress this file’. You can then drag the .zip file into your reply. If it is larger than the allowed size, use Dropbox or a service like http://ge.tt


Thanks for the reply. The issue was that you cannot place a widget on a chapter page without having some issues. Section pages on down no problem.

My apologies for the tardy response.

Interesting – what is the difference between how it displays on a Chapter vs Section? Does it just not appear?

This is what Apple told me. Appears to be true for the iBooks Author Layout that I was using. However playing around today I am not so sure it applies generally. It might depend on the layout one is using in iBooks Author. If I come to some conclusive conclusion on this I will post.

As I see the issue now this is an iBooks issue not a Hype issue. It will only happen when you view the book in scroll mode. The widget will not appear unless you place inline with some text in your chosen layout.

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