Tumult Hype should be for everyone

Dear Hype Team,
Around the world and specially in third world countries people can’t afford a Mac. On the contrary PCs are extremely cheap to built and this is why most people around the world use PC and not MAC; it is not by choice it is that we don’t have a choice… but YOU -the Hype Team- you do have a choice!!! you have the luxury to decide and select a MAC as the only machine capable of running Tumult Hype 3 Pro… by making this decision you excluded most of the least developed countries of the privilege of using a tool like Tumult Hype and by doing so you are contributing to widen the gap between developed and undeveloped countries; of course you are doing this unintentionally but it is happening… the ability that a tool like Tumult Hype gives to their users makes them orders of magnitude more productive than the individual in India, Asia, South America, Central America, Mexico, Middle East, etc that is trying to do the same but using plain CSS and javascript … it is unfair!!!
So please, I respectfully ask you to make Tumult Hype Pro available for Windows users… there is a legion of extremely smart people around the world, that doesn’t have the means to buy a Mac but that are anxiously waiting for you!!! Please help close the gap between poor and rich countries by giving them access to the technology tools necessary to compete under the same conditions…
Your turn Tumult Hype Team…

Hi Troica,

Where as I understand what you are saying and agree that many people in third world countries do not have a choice of the machines they use and the problems that surround that.

And I agree that there may be many companies out there that could support both platforms but do not. The majority in my opinion support PC and not Mac.

But I do not think that your simplification of but YOU -the Hype Team- you do have a choice!!! in regards to what platforms companies support stands up without taking into consideration that a company that develops software, may not have the resources or cannot afford the resources and have many other factors that go against supporting more than one platform. I cannot answer for Tumult but I would have thought asking them why they do not support both platforms and are they planning to do so on their road map would have been a better starting point than just assuming that it can be done as simply as you imply.