Tumult Hype for Microsoft Windows

So my Mac Mini broke down and I had to buy a new one today. I am a Windows person but had to buy a new Mac since Hype is the software I use on a daily basis as a freelancer. So 1100 euros later I just have to bring this up again. I thought I would share this image with you. I really think you are limiting yourself not developing Hype for Windows and losing a ton of money in sales doing so :heart:


As you have clearly shown, Mac’s global market share is going in the right direction, just very slowly :-).

However, if you survey the graphic industry alone it would become much clearer why Hype was made for Mac :-). But that doesn’t mean that eventually there might not be a Windows version.

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I'm sorry for your computer but you were right to buy another mac and it doesn't matter if it's for Hype but for the quality of your work.
I have a PC for 3D and every time I open windows I consume about three times compared to my M1.
As long as Hye is for Mac it will contribute to lowering the level of pollution generated by us professionals.
This takes into account ethics and not money.

Saola Animate = Mac and Windows is good.
Hype = Mac much power for work animtion website.

:sweat_smile: Alright then.

Thanks for the feedback. We're not strictly opposed to a Windows version, but typically have favored working on new features instead of porting and making future development even slower than it already is :sweat_smile:. The marketshare numbers don't really show graphic designer market share too well, but there's definitely a lot of designers on Windows as many design tools are either cross-platform and/or on the web. Taking a cue from Figma, it's actually more likely there'd be a web-version than a native windows one, at this point.

As a side note, I did just get myself a windows machine for PCVR gaming :flushed:.

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