Tumult Hype Certification


Is there any certification course like Adobe for Tumult hype. Kindly let me know if there is any.



you can receive a diploma by Ubicuo Studio.

The courses are online.

I’d say that this is not Hype affiliated. So not official certification. I may be wrong.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein

I should also add that the iBooks Conference (and likely at the Hype conference coming up in October) there will be a certification opportunity. There was a certification course at last year’s iBooks Author conference.

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There is an attempt on the web Lynda courses, but it is an old version.
My opinion study, creativity, visual education and thanks to Tumult have for me the two best instructors

They are excellent team leaders Daniel & DBear

I have few months working with Hyper, I have experience in other software development but the fastest to produce correct, make changes is Hype.

It is a powerful working tool (Tumult advertising does not pay me), but I stay in this community because it is a team.

We are at your order, I’m not very fluent in English but Google helps out along with my son (very fluent in English) my native language is Spanish.

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Hi Fuv,

Is there a english version of this course.

Hi Daniel,

Its happy to here about the Hype conference. Since i’am in india i can’t attend this conference. Is there any webinar session were me and my colleague can attend.

HI @mdiliyas you can find more contents and templates here http://www.hypedocks.com

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I’m not certain what will be live or recorded from the conference, but stay tuned to https://twitter.com/hypeconference/ for details.

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Thanks Daniel

Thanks! It’s not an official certificate program, but this course (Ubicuo Studio’s) allow students to learn how to use Hype ^^