Trying to correlate Hype Saturation range to Photoshop Elements saturation range

I'm working on a project that will demonstrate how a board game I created is played. The board is wooden (sort of a pale amber color) and the pieces are a darker amber and mahogany. During the initial phases of developing the demo, I discovered that the amber piece does not stand out enough against the board. I found that I could make the piece "pop" by reducing the saturation of the board graphic in Hype from 1 to 0.7. Since the saturation setting doesn't work with all browsers, I want to adjust the master image in Photoshop Elements.

The issue is:
Hype's saturation range is from 0 to 11 - with 1 being "normal"
Photoshop Elements uses -100 to +100 for saturation.

so in Hype 0 to 1 is -100 to 0 in Elements, but 1 to 11 is 0 to +100 in Elements - not a linear relationship. Is there a way to calculate the Elements saturation value based on the value set in Hype?


I’d say just eye ball that one. Open it in Hype and put Photoshop alongside. Then just play with the saturation slider until you are happy. You can even work with an adjustment layer in Photoshop to edit non-destructive. The upside of being human is we can go analog and wing it by feeling. Happy holidays

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Hype's scene editor uses WebKit - same as Safari. Best I can tell they are using what is defined in the w3c spec here:

It appears the implementation is in ColorMatrix.h.

I'm not sure what Photoshop uses, but someone seems to have posted this as their method:

I think you'd need to work out the math between color matrixes and the algebraic formula to see how they compare.... or just do as @MaxZieb says and eyeball it :smiley:.


Thanks for the advice - looks like the old eyeballs will be getting a workout.

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