Truncated audio and video files after 30 seconds of play

I have seen lots of people talk about this and I am sure it is basic but I cannot seem to get it. I have authored in Hype 3.6.1, very basic setup - hit a play button and audio or video plays. When I do a preview it works great in a browser. Then I export it to an iPad air 2 and both the audio (mp3) and video (mp4) stop after 30 seconds. I will continue to investigate and read more but any thoughts would be appreciated on what I might be missing. I love help and I can’t wait to learn more. Thanks -

Hurray, I finally resolved the issue. The hype document was perfect but when I played the project back on an iPad air 2 in (Kiosk Pro) the audio would get truncated, this was also the same problem in another project with video clips I was using. The problem was with the app on the iPad which had defaulted back to original settings and was limiting the playback of the audio and video files. I love Hype and I am really enjoying learning more as I go.

Glad you found the issue!

Can you share more info about the ideal settings you found in Kiosk Pro? Would be helpful for all our Kioskers.