True / False questionnaire with feedback


I was asked to make a small questionnaire. It will be a responsive site with 10 true or false questions and after answering the questions, you should get feedback based on your answer and the option to jump to the next question.

I wanted to build this with an eLearning program, but as the client said that storing the answers is not needed I thought about Hype. It would give me more grip on design and I think the end result will look munch nicer. It should also become responsive and I think Hype will also work better with it.

I’m thinking to give every question its own scene within hype and jump to scenes via the feedback messages. However I’m not sure how I should build the toggle between true and false and make the submit button react to the choice I made.

It should basically work like this:

  • Answer true, true is highlighted. Answer false, false gets highlighted and true is no longer selected
  • Click on submit and Hype will check which answer is selected and displays the correct feedback message and gives you the option to jump to a next scene.

Are there any examples available of something like this or does someone have a easy tip to build such structure?

Thanks in advance!

This should help you…

...just modify it to work with two answers instead of four.


Thanks man, I will dive into it.

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