Troubleshooting scaling

Hello all! I have applied this wonderful solution to a file, and it works marvelously when i test it in the browser from inside of hype, its ok when I put it on my linux based test server and it runs well. however, when I place it on the server, it does not load. i don't see any of the file.

I know this particular question may go to a server side issue, and this may not be the place for it. however, if anyone who is familiar with the process of moving hype files up to a server has had this happen, please chime in.

quick back story: version 1 of file, works A-OK - have to switch permissions when i upload, works like a charm.

added this solution - this file stopped working once loaded to server. of course, i reach for permissions right away, and in the web control panel I was able to set permissions to 0755, which is just fine. now on the test server, this same issue happened and I shelled in and updated permissions via terminal. easy as pie, no worries.

so this file is not showing up, i have adjusted all the permissions with the visual control panel and no positive change, and so I shelled into the live server, on my test sub domain here, and double checked all permissions. so, no problem there.

here is the status: on the test server, shelled in, changed file security settings, and its working.

on the live server - shelled in, all permissions ok, not working.

Test server is not running the same flavor of linux the live is running, but pretty dang close. i am on cpanel for the live, and web admin for the test, i can't get panel to run on my test server because i don't have a fixed ip. so, that is what it is.

what I am searching for is some key difference between the live server, and the test server, and permissions maybe. at this point, I know this message is not an answerable question on here probably, but its helping me center and focus my thoughts about the issue to type it and if anyone out there knows the answer, I am listening!

and on the most positive note, I am so grateful to the person who posted this incredible solution, there is no question that the solution is functional, and BOOM! I just figured this out. i cant bring in the javascript from the unsecured http. we need to replace the call in the head html with: <script src=""></script> and this should work. Leaving this here in case anyone else has this same occurrence with anything they are working on...

Do you see a 404 error in the browser console when loading the generated JS file? If it is a 401 or 403 that signals a permissions issue.

I could take a look at this over direct message if you'd prefer to not share a link on the forums.


i have it solved, it was definitely the https vs http issue, which makes total sense. thank you! i am now working towards either hiding the browser status on an iPhone, or trying to go full screen on the iPhone.