Troubleshooting Hype document not appearing on server

I am sorry if this has been asked and answered… but I am not seeing an answer.

I have written what I believe is a totally awesome HTML5 web page in Hype3. I have used FileZilla and uploaded it to my domain host (… and when I go to my website, all I get is a blank white page. The site worked in ‘preview’ in three different browsers. I did upload everything in the folder it created for the website to the public_html/ on my host server. I’m not entirely new to HTML development… I’ve been creating websites since the days before WYSIWYG, back when we had to do every ling of code to change fonts, sizes and colors. lol

I am seriously looking at upgrading to the Pro, but I’d like to know for 100% that the thing is usable for my website before I make that jump. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Your webpage is throwing an error. “404 not found” for the resource -

Check your path to this file. in the div code that was given on export.

Okay, I found the file… but it doesn’t have the “?5433” …the file size is 5474 so is that the error? I just saved it… exported it to a file and then uploaded the file to the public_html/ directory.

This is just a random number that is produced for reference not the file size.

Edit Try without the ?number after the URL

The <script> tag in your index.html (or the file that was exported from Hype) has a src property that points to your script.js file. The URL must be correct for the document to work. Check that this path is correct!

It should point to your script.js file within your resources folder.

Here is a handy video showing you how to embed a Hype animation in a web page

EDIT Basically the URL to your resource folder is wrong. It’s not Do you have your files in any other folders in the public_html folder?

This is a basic structure of a public_html folder on new FastDomain website

After you have FTP’d to this folder yours should also have

Did you FTP to this folder or did you do it to another?

Did you rename anything?

AWESOME and thanks! It is now working… so, now all I have to do is figure out how to get it to fit the screen! hahaha Always something! uses ‘default.html’ as their ‘goto’ instead of ‘index.html’ So, I used the video and the Timult HTML Editor and copied the code for the .js and pasted it in the ‘body’ of the default.html page.

In either case (even on the preview in Hype, it only puts a small block in the upper part of the screen, centered. It fills the top 1/3rd of my iphone screen unless I lay it sideways… then it’s a perfect fit!

You may see a ‘viewport’ tag at the top of your default.html file – can you replace it with:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

… This will ensure that the viewport adjusts to the size of the mobile device viewing it.

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I didn’t have a “Viewport” line… so I added it in the top, just under the opening of the but before anything else… it had no effect. Also, it does the same view in Hype when I ‘preview’ in any browser. So, I am going to sit and watch most if not all of the Tutorials on the Hype 3 app today and see if I can nail this stuff.

Your assistance is awesome and I sincerely appreciate the advice and tips… I am always open to accepting advice from someone who obviously knows what you do about this app.



It doesn’t like that line has been added here:

It needs to be placed within the <head>...</head> area – sorry if that was not clear.

Hello Daniel,

I was just looking at the code in the edifier.html (generated by Hype when I exported the site… it has the “viewport” line in it too… but it was set to 600 by 400… so, I changed that to the line of code you sent and still no change.

Then I found this…

<div id="idifr_hype_container" style="margin:auto;position:relative;width:600px;height:400px;overflow:hidden;" aria-live="polite">
	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="iDIFR.hyperesources/idifr_hype_generated_script.js?5433"></script>

I am about to get some chores finished up and then I am going to get back here and see if I can get a bunch of these Tutorials watched and really learn to use this software. I used to do website development, back when we coded in html and didn’t know any better. When we had to change the line of code to change the size, font or color of a word on the screen! lol

I sincerely appreciate your help! I just have to step away from this for a while… it is overwhelming me. You’d think it would be so easy compared to the old school way we coded sites… but alas, it’s a learning curve!

Have a great day, I’ll check back to see what you make of the code above… I am wondering if it is putting the size limitation on the presented files?