Troubleshooting document

As a 69-year-old former art teacher and amateur “programmer” (iWeb!!! :grinning: ) I love to play around with Hype Pro 3.5.1. To learn the program I use the examples of the hype gallery and by making little changes I try to discover how to implement my own ideas. I’m grateful for the examples in the gallery. They are very helpful, especially the example by Sasha Zivanovic:
Now I have made two examples of vehicles that both work well on my Mac. However, the second one does not work on an iPad.

Therefore my question is: Can I easily fix this or is it too difficult for an amateur?

Thanks in advance,

Can you elaborate on this? What exactly doesn't work?

Also, If you share the document we can see what you are doing. Using layouts, responsive, etc.

Could be something simple that you are missing.

DBear, thanks for answering me. I made two screenshots from the document that makes problems, the upper is from a Mac and the other from an iPad. As you see, most parts of the moving aren’t visible in the second shot.

The hype document is found here:

and online again:

greetings from Holland,

I just tested the ‘draisine’ in 'Preview from Hype in Hype Reflect on my iPad and it operates normally! I think iWeb will be the evil-doer.

I would concur @ckafe . Looks like iWeb is doing something to it.

Unfortunately there’s a problem in an other program too. I made my document for a blog that wasn’t made in iWeb:

As you see there’s no problem running that blog on a Mac, but the same problem on an iPad. Again I only can see running wheels without the antique cyclist.

I also made! At that time there wasn’t any problem on a Mac nor on an iPad.

I hope anyone can also discover why…!
I’m sorry you 'll have to include the exclamation mark to visit the link I mean.