Trouble shooting questions for Export To Hype Illustrator v1.2.4

Wonderful! :heart: Downloaded. Installed.

Notes so far:

The helper-app;
Unzipping, in my case, had to use the terminal.
Succeeded, not being a command line type of person!
Double-clicking on the ZIP:

"Unable to expand "Export To Hype". It is in an unsupported format."

My keyboard: control | option | command. Figured out where the ALT key is.
Trust you Max. But it is always a bit scary to do things like that.

First idea was to take some Adobe XD content and somehow export that to Illustrator,
then use the Illustrator export script. Not so successful. The useful XD export options are SVG or PDF. It becomes flattened.

However… have a lot of other ideas on how this can be useful!

Also got this… I think before the helper app was installed.

I strongly suspect this is because you downloaded the script by right clicking and 'saved as' the file. Don´t do that, only use the files contained in the github zip...
@MaxZieb Checked this issue again when I saw this post. Somehow, I also must have made this 'mistake' when testing the extension. You than sent me back an update (as a zip-file) and everything worked fine - so, obviously there was no bug at all, it is just a matter of how to download the file... gashhh :woozy_face: so sorry for that!!


If the suggestion doesn’t fix it, please send/attach the File you are working with and the version of illustrator and the OS.

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Yep. That was the case, the way I downloaded the first time.
After the error message… watched the install video again, listening more carefully!
Rather my mistake here.

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Have explore the idea
Adobe XD -> Illustrator -> Hype
a bit more.
So far it has worked very well with the export script, Export to Hype.