Trouble expanding canvas with existing animations in place

So I've created a new canvas, lets say 200x200, and then I've created a relatively simple animation in there and that is complete. But now, I need to add some new animation routines to the left of the existing animations, so I need to add more empty space.

So I've added the extra 200px using the screen size dimensions, but it always puts the new area to the right of the existing animations. Additionally if I try to select all and move everything over the motion paths stay true to their origins and the animation is borked.

Is there a way to add new canvas space, but select the origin point? Ideally, all I need is 200px to the LEFT of my existing work? HOW DO??

Unfortunately all scene resizing is done from the top/left as it only changes the width/height values. I didn't see this in our feature tracker so I added it; I use the canvas size tool in Photoshop all the time from different corners.

It depends on your content, but the easiest route would be to group everything, change size, move the group, then ungroup the elements.

Thanks, that workaround worked great!

Agreed though, having something that works a bit closer to the PS canvas size tool would be excellent.

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