Triggering behaviors one by one

Hello! In another post, I explained that I’m trying to make a mini game where users have to search for objects. I figured out how to change the text when the objects are found by turning the objects into symbols, creating an alternative timeline, and doing custom behaviors. But I can’t seem to figure out how to control these behaviors one by one. For example, if the user clicks on the wrong object… it’s still part of the search but the user hasn’t been prompted to find it yet). How do I stop other behaviors from happening until one behavior is completed/triggered? I.E. you can’t click on the tomato yet until you click on the pen.


Set a “flag” using a variable. I’m not familiar with your game but a logical place to set the flag would be in “On Scene Load”.

The general concept is the variable would be set to “true” (or whatever) and only clicking the pen will set it to “false”. All objects that depend on this approval (i.e. flag set to “false”) will first check the variable before they perform an action.

Folllowing up on how I figured this out. It’s a quick fix… I simply put visible boxes (rectangles) at 0% opacity over the parts I didn’t want to be clicked on/animated.