Trigger timeline viewport animation On scroll

I would like to use a slider where on drag, the screen scrolls up and triggers a viewport timeline animation as it enters the screen. Is that possible?

you can control a timeline ondrag that animates a move up and set a viewportaction to another timeline ...

if it's got to be a scroll initiated by a drag you can check the drag-movement with Hypes API and set a corresponding scrollposition ...

Thanks Hans
I think my mistake is that a group of elements that slides into the canvas is not considered to be the viewport so it may not be possible. I want to press a button and have a group slide in and within that group I want some animations to begin, when they are visible.

Issues and possible solutions depend on your setup. so it'll be fine to offer a sample-document ... if you wish :slight_smile:

Thanks Hans, this is the type of thing Im trying (111.2 KB)

Do you want something like this? (70.4 KB)


Thanks, sometime I overthink the solution :slight_smile:

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