Trigger embedded video play etc

The last set of functions I need to do is the following:

I have an embedded video already in an iframe inside an html widget, I need to have one button play the video another button remove the video another a play pause audio and finally another button a reply audio.


Sorry read a little bit and figured out , I have the embedded video in a html widget if I preview in browser the video plays automatically. So I changed the auto to false and now the video is there but does not play.

is there a way to have the area where the video would play blank then triggering the video to play with a button?


I got the video buttons to work when I attache the video in a folder but I cannot get the buttons to work off an embedded video from a server any help?

It might be useful if you post a example zip of your .hype document along with any instructions necessarily to see what you are trying to do. Videos embedded in iframes often require specific javascript or APIs to communicate with for intended behaviors.