Trigger a scene when an element is on top of other element like pacman game

Hi there!
Now I'm working on a simple introduction of my new font. I've made this project and now I'm very close to the target but still missing the most important thing: when my pacman (book) reach some of the dark grey squares I want to trigger a scene. For example: when the book is on top of letter "i" I want to start info scene, and when the book is on top of download icon I want to start download scene.

The font will be free for use so if some of you needs a pixel font with Latin and Cyrillic symbols you will be welcome :slight_smile:

Can you help me with that? Thanks! (118.9 КБ)

Very cool! There's a few example documents showing off collision detection code here that you can borrow from: #collision

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please test it out, ... here is the howTo -> Track Intersections between Hypeelements

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Hans, thank you so much! Your example is exactly what I'm needed!
But when I try to set it from scratch it works only with the first value that I set. For example: when I set "info | download" it works only with "info" Custom Behaviour. If I set the value to be just the opposite ("download | info") the "download" Behaviour start working fine instead of the "info".

Another problem that I've found is that when we are back in the main scene, the rotation function of the book is gone. Why this is happening? (78.7 КБ)

You forgot to add his code in the head.

Polly fill and update to libraries.

You still get some error in the console though, so you should check this out.

Also your moves go out of bounds.

You can fix that by adding to the moveFunction()

const minMove = 0
const maxMove= 500

and the changing

hypeDocument.setElementProperty(PACMAN, currentDirection[0], newPosition)


if (newPosition > minMove && newPosition <= maxMove ){
	hypeDocument.setElementProperty(PACMAN, currentDirection[0], newPosition)

You`ve got it so far? can only have a Look this evening ... :smile:

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I did the things Mark advised me to do. They work great!

But I still struggle with two other things:

  1. I can't figure out why, when I go back to the main scene, the book rotation stops working;
  2. Triggering Go To Time In Timeline didn't work as I expected, but I wrote about that in another thread. (78.4 КБ) (72,8 KB)


Thank you, Hans! You are in the credits now!


Today is 24 May and here in Bulgaria we celebrates the Day of Bulgarian education, culture and the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet by St. Cyril and Methodius in the 9th century. For me as a graphic designer this is the most important day!

Thank you for helping this project happen just on time! Now I can share my first font with focus on Bulgarian Cyrillic glyphs! If you ever need such a font, feel free to use it!

I know there are many Germans here on this forum, so I also made the letters Ä, Ü, Ö, ß so they can use it in their language too! I know the font isn't very rich of symbols, but I'll gradually build it up! If you think some very important glyph is missing, just write me!

Long live culture!


installed :slight_smile: :+1: