Treasure Trove of Handpicked Vanilla JavaScript plugins

Hey folks,

stumbled upon this a while back and thought I'd share: Vanilla List. It's this neat collection of Vanilla JavaScript plugins – all handpicked. Super handy for anyone looking to add some neat functionalities to their web projects without weighing them down.

I find it really useful for Vanilla JavaScript enthusiasts. Saves a ton of time since you don't have to hunt around for reliable plugins. Whether it's sliders, video tools, or something else, they've got a bit of everything.

Might be a great fit for some of our Tumult Hype projects, especially when you want to keep things lightweight and efficient. Check it out, could be a helpful for an upcoming workflow of yours!

Season's Greetings! :christmas_tree:


That is a really nice Christmas gift! Merry Christmas to you all! :star::sparkles:


Ditto what @ktewes expressed... Thank You Max - not only for this treat but also yours (and many others) contributions to this Forum! And Best wishes to All in the New Year. :clinking_glasses: :tada: