Transparent object is visible in web browser

I inserted an image and animated a fade in effect when it is scrubbed. The image transparency goes from 0 to 100. When I view the animation in a web browser the image isn't transparent, but when I click the scrubber it becomes transparent. I there anyway to make it transparent when I first launch it in a browser?

Do you think you could share your document so we can see what you're seeing?

Hi Daniel, I'm very new to Hype. What is best way to share my document.

It it's under 3MB, you can make a zip file of your .hype document and drag it into your reply here. Or, you can share it with a file sharing tool like

Car (228.2 KB)

The first nugget to know is that when the playhead is over a keyframe, Hype will only modify that keyframe's value. If the playhead is not over a keyframe, Hype will offset all keyframe values. This is most useful for something like a position, but can sometimes work against properties like opacity.

It seems like what you want is the red car to start hidden, and dragging the slider reveals it. To achieve this:

  1. Select the Main Timeline from the timeline popup
  2. Select the red car, and change its opacity to 0%. This is "off keyframe"
  3. Select the Red Car timeline from the timeline popup
  4. Move the playhead to the first keyframe for the red car - you'll now see this is set to -100% opacity, which happened due to the offset.
  5. Change this value in the inspector to 0%.
  6. Move the playhead to the second keyframe for the red car's opacity
  7. Change this value to 100%

Then you should be good to go.

Thanks Jonathan. Awesome, that works perfect.
I very new to Hype, can you advise on some beginner tutorials for Tumult hype, javascript.

We definitely recommend items on our tutorials page:

Below videos are courses and resources that are good. "A Book About Hype" has a good amount of JavaScript coverage as well.

There are some forum posts here for beginners guides; it is hard for me to recommend since I haven't used them (it has been a while since I learned javascript originally).