Transparent background for Final Cut Pro

Is it possible to make the background transparent when exporting as a video?
I need to import a transparent animation form Hype to Final Cut Pro. The animation will be layered on top of video in FCP.


Unfortunately not, but you can add a green background of your document to make chroma-keying easier.

I also need a transparent background. This feature would be great if the stage is set to transparent the video export should be too!

Using a greenscreen now but… not ideal as I need the animation in Keynote I have to add a round trip through aftereffects/premiere. Got some assets we use on the web and need to put them into the presentation that has it’s own background.

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Depending on the codec an alpha channel is not just a case of exporting with a transparency. It’s the video itself, it must be rendered with an alpha channel and even then it is limited to which browser would be able to show it. Green screen (not necessarily green!) is probably the best way to go (for final cut pro) or if you’re using it for HTML5 then look into canvas to re-render the video.

Thanks for the reply. I am not using the exports for the web and am aware of the encoding for alphachannels. But as Tumult becomes a very broad applicable tool the exporter for video could offer an alpha channel. Also I did some graphics with Hype (the headers in my recent releases) and with the dawn of the vector tool this was a fun process to build still graphics with the tool. Currently I can’t export a single frame and it’s a bit of a hassle. My point being the export functions of Hype are a important place to make the tool even more useful then it’s primary intended use.

Update to my thought: I am not saying that Hype is a sketch replacement … yet. But one can do prototyping in the app and it got “Layouts” but I can’t export them to images. I just would like to export them in one go as Images without worrying about timelines etc. or having a folder full of unwanted image because I didn’t set the time exactly to the frame I wanted to export. Needs some thought but you get the idea about exporting…

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Yes, the option to save current frame or user defined range of frames as PNG images would be great.

Most video software has in/out points or export selection ranges. It makes sense to add, though could be tricky with Hype’s action/interactivity system and without cluttering the interface. I’ve filed this on our feature list.

Being able to choose a layout/browser size for the video export is definitely a priority.

As for now, the best workaround for alpha or ranges is to use the PNG Sequence export which does preserve alpha. Then other software can convert the images to a video file.

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