Totally hype beginner question

Hello to all,

One question. I want build a website. Normally I do that with coding in any editor of my choice. Just hobby projects.

Now I want use animations and more design in my websites. For that I want use hype now. I have this app since a long time… But I only played a little in that awesome app. Now it is time to change this. :smile: -)

My question is… can I build my whole website with hype? Or is it better to build in my editor the core site and only the animations and graphics in hype?

It will not be a great website. Just 5-6 pages.

My preferred workflow would be to build all in hype. Good way to do that?

I hope my English is not too bad.

Greetings from Germany


HI Martin and welcome

Yo can make a good site with hype but you need to learn more about the responsive layout in Hype.

here some useful templates:
OnePage Layout
AutoMenu Builder or Drop menu
Fluid columns

Welcome to the community. Thanks for your interest about building a new website. I am also thinking to build a website of my own.