Top blank spacing being added to site?

HI! I’m pretty new to this stuff, so sorry for what is probably is a silly question. I’ve done a few other simple sites with Hype without this issue, but the current site I am working on adds a blank white top header spacing of about an inch or two when I preview the site in a browser that isn’t there when I am looking at the edit screen. I have looked at all the settings I can think of, and compared them to my other sites where this has not been an issue, and can’t see what the difference is. Is there some basic setting that would add this to the site or anything anyone can think of.

Thanks so much for your time!!!


Can you share a link (and possibly a document)?

Hi Daniel! That’s so much for the response! This is just the beginnings of the splash page, but you can see the issue hopefully. I want the green bar basically at the top, and can’t figure out why it is adding the extra spacing…∀test.html

Thanks so much!


It looks like on that HTML page you have a Video embed:

	<video autoplay muted>
  <source src="video.webm" type="video/webm" />
  <source src="video.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

If you remove that it should fix up that white space.

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Awesome! You were right! Thanks so much!!! :slight_smile: