Tools Hype vs Rive


  • Can export html
  • Can import with widget
  • Can import video and gif


  • Bone Rig
  • Cut.out tool
  • Available mask with shape vector.
  • Gradient color in fill and stroke.
  • Totally online, windows and apple.

Hype with Rive = Superpowerful Superior than Adobe Flash

Rive works with a canvas if I remember correctly. Hence, pixel based.

I have been using Rive and Hype together. Unfortunately, rive files do not preview in the GUI, so you need to work blind re: div contents.

I was just reading about Max's data magic library and this left me wondering if there might be a way i can direct hype to load and display rive files in the GUI. Not sure if that's worth pursuing or not.

Rive is very efficient and the animations are buttery smooth, however being canvas based it dictates a very different approach, I like both apps but would choose Hype if I could only have one of the two.