Tool tip that follows mouse

I’m try to create a tool tip that follows the coordinates of the mouse on hover. I’m using this simple javascript. However, it doesn’t seem to be working properly in Hype. The tool tip shows up pretty far away from the curser and doesn’t follow it. I have seen this script work out side of Hype so I’m sure why it isn’t working here. I’m really a developer so I am a little stuck. (80.7 KB) (114.8 KB)

  • to access elements within a hypedocument the script should run onsceneload
  • mousemove hasOwnProperty -> clientX, clientY. pageX and pageY are not listed. though those properties belong to mouseevents it’ll should work too …
  • the absolute position of the tooltipp-element is related to its parent and not to the document

… the attached file should get you further …



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