Toggle sound on/off

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Hi there and sorry to beat a dead horse as I’ve seen a few threads on this topic but without any real resolution:

I have a Hype movie with numerous sounds played mostly from different timelines. I created a small icon/button then assigned it an Action where, On Mouse Click, Stop Sound, mySoundFile. Seems to work great to turn off the sounds but are there any best practices out there (and I’d love to see an Action used if possible) to make one button toggle all sounds off, then on again? How are other Hypers doing this? I’ve seen lots of references to Javascript which I’m open to using but there didn’t seem to be much consensus on its implementation…

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Have a look at the Hype extension project.

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Thank you Djon, those code snippets will be incredibly useful!


Did you want effectively kill the sounds and restart them or just a mute? Be careful of the code in the other post as it may not be exactly what you want.

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On my one project I was able to get away with a simple mute; however this code will help me design my projects correctly moving forward.

Thanks again!