Tips on optimizing GIF's?

Hi fellas,

I was wondering with Hype 4.0 what’s the best way/technique to save up some MB’s when exporting as GIF a super simple animation. We’re talking background image and a sliding PNG of bottles that eases in from left to right… this end’s up being a whopper 13mb.

There has to be a more efficient way! Screenshot of the 10 second gif.

I’d use Photoshop after its been exported from Hype. Not only can you compress the .gif with finer options in photoshop you can also eliminate the frames that you might not need, that should save on file size. Granted it might not be a smoothest animation you hoped for but at least you’ll be saving on file size.
As an option you can give imageoptim a shot to reduce the file size however, it comes with a few drawbacks since you don’t see what imageoptim does in the background it just chooses whatever it thinks 40% is. In photoshop you have more options when saving for the web and choosing .gif

click on the gear icon to get the dialog

A sliding motion is also not ideal for the GIF format, as that format works with storing changes from frame to frame. Meaning the more pixel change the bigger the file. A sliding motion changes all non white pixel in every frame.

You can try running it through an optimizing service like

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I had my best results in combining both: first ezgif and then PS.

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Excellent advice from everyone. It looks like its one of those things that there isn’t a right or wrong path but fine tuning as you go.

I’ll give it a shot and see which one turned out best.