Tips on making Apple photo like gallery

Hey guys i thought it would be interesting to be able to create a photo gallery that functions similar to apply photo app where you can see a grid of photo and pinch in to zoom out and stretch to zoom in as well as tap to enter full screen. I would love some guidance on how to structure my workflow to achieve such an fx…if at all with use of java just pure timeline manipulation.

Funny, I working on the “Picturing” section of “A Book About Hype” today. It has an example of a photo gallery, but not like Apple’s Photos app.

Full Screen requires custom coding…

It really should be part of Hype, but it’s not.

Also, pinch-to-zoom is multi-touch gesture. Hype uses single-touch events. Custom code would be required. Perhaps an HTML input slider could be added, where the slider controls the scale of a group…

Awesome thanks Michael!

Here’s a nice library for working with Full screen:

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