Timline action doesnt work

hi support-team,

there is a very simple animation and at teim 00:02,00 there is a timeline action for jump to time 00:01,00.
but the animation ignores the timeline action, runs to the end and starts by 00:00.
why is the timline action ignored?


MeTest.hype.zip (14.5 KB)

Works for me?!
If you mean in the IDE: timeline actions are not fired there.
You have to preview it.

ok, works as preview in safari, firefox chrome and brave.
even if there is a minimal delay in the animation when executing the timeline action in the browser-preview.

this is now disappointing that it doesn't even work in hype. it makes things more complex if i can only check my work outside of the application.
would this be a feature-request?


Not sure, using a timeline action entails much more than timeline jumps. There are many complexities like interactivity that would get in the way of a constant live preview. Most web packages I know at least require the step to switch to a preview mode. Take Adobe XD or Sketch. You need to enable preview to see the wired click interactions. If I recall correctly even Adobe Flash back in the day didn't run the gotoAndPlay loops in the IDE and only in the preview. Having a built-in preview would limit previewing to WebKit and web projects need to be tested against a variety of browsers. My fifty cents as a fellow user.

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One thing you can do… if this is essential to you. Build the animation in a symbol. Then trigger the animation with symbol action. In that case you get a preview but you would need to repeat the triggers… at least you don't need to repeat the animation itself and can change it ant any time. Only changing the duration would then be a pain point but then again, you always can use copy & paste to (re)distribute symbol action key frames.

symbolActionsLoops.hype.zip (14,5 KB)

thanks for your explanation, understood.

great idea, thanks!