Timer on mouse movement to move different scene

Hi everyone,

I’ll be using Hype to create 2 animations that work together.
Both animation would be in the same file, but start on a different scene.

1 - A loop animation that plays until someone touch (or click) the screen… then it goes to the 2nd animation (different scene)

2 - An interactive animation where the user can touch different points to explore the features of a product.

How can I make it so the 2nd animation returns to the 1st one (scene where the loop animation starts) when there is no input (touch or click) for a certain amount of time (30 sec.)?


If you want to do this without code, I would add another timeline to the 2nd scene that has a timeline action at the 30s mark to jump to the 1st scene. This timeline can play on scene load, so it starts the countdown immediately. Each interaction handler can have an additional action which is set to Start Timeline… for this timeline, effectively resetting it.

There are probably plenty of other approaches, like using code to automatically detect any events of relevance, but this could be overkill if you just have a small number of interactions that you want to reset the timer.

Hi Jonathan,

Makes sense. I'll try that for sure.

I don't know why, but I though it would be more complicated than that (with coding, etc.).
I really like all you can do with Hype without coding.


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