Timelines Playing Once Only

We are developing an app for a kiosk which has multiple screens (Hype pages). On some screens we have an animation that plays once. If the user goes to another page and then returns to the original page, can we set it up so that the animation doesn't replay again. So it only plays once during the session (the first time the user visits that screen).

apart from coding ... a persistant symbols timeline will only play once

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Ahh ok. So I just convert the text box into a persistent symbol and add it to its own timeline? Is there anything else I need to do to assure it only plays the first time that scene is looked at?

timeline within a persistant symbol ...

ok, thank you. I will give it a try.

That does work. Thank you so much!

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Can I just add to the above that I have two text boxes doing different animations. One moves, one fades in. I tried creating the persistent symbol at the start of the animation but this moved the moving text box to the wrong position. I then tried to create the persistent symbol ones both animations had run and this worked.