Timeline vs video timeline

Hi Hype Experts,

I’m not sure how exactly the timeline works in hype, but If I pause a video does the timeline still play? The reason I ask is because I have an hype animation with video and clickable hotspots. If I pause the video, the hotspots seem to show up at random, unexpected times.
For instance, let’s say the video duration is 1:00min, but at :50sec I want a clickable link to display for 10secs. I set the animation to reveal the clickable element at :50 in the timeline, but if the video is paused, it seems that the timeline continues to play and at :50sec the link pops up even though the video is still at, say, :30sec.
Is there anyway to hook the timeline to the video?
Has anyone else experienced this? Am I just not doing something? Are there any video tutorials on working with video and hotspots?

Timeline and Video are Not synced. You’ve got to control it by some Javascript. There are several Threads in the Forum.

Thank you Hans-Gerd Claßen.
I’ll take a look.

In most solutions you will want to control the Hype timeline with the video timeline and not vice versa. The reason being that continually setting a video time index might lead to seeking in the stream and choppy playback (video is mostly a stream).
Having the video timeline control the hype timeline works best but at the cost of timeline action sometimes not being triggered as the play head might skip over them when not playing continuously.

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Hi @MaxZieb, Thanks for your input. Do you have any examples of where the hype timeline is controlled by the video or js that I might try out?

I recommend checking out this quick post I wrote on syncing video + timelines:

(And also the posts that link to that at the bottom)

That technique follows the ‘timeupdate’ event of the video, so as Max recommends, the video is leading the synchronized dance.