Timeline synching ( All I want to do is make 1 dot appear after another)

timeline experiment.hype.zip (17.5 KB)

I have circles or elipses, and all I am trying to do is make them pop up at certain times. I tried to do that from the main timeline and have them start a timleine (each elipse is a timeline or suppose to be). I have a problem where the timelines are not at all starting when they are suppose to, also…I make them (the white elipses ) invisible on the main timeline so that they can be visible on their own timelines (named elipse 1, elipse 2, elipse 3,), hence the synchronized pop up effect. If anyone understands what I am saying, I have attached a file with the “project”, please do walk me through it. THanks.

Is this what you are trying to do?

timeline experiment 79.hype.zip (13.0 KB)