Timeline run when i run another two timelines

I have a project that a little bit like quiz, and i need to run specific timeline when i arrived to the end of another 2 timelines

maybe try to add a timeline action that plays the timeline you need at the end of the specific timeline.

Yeah, easy solution (not using code) would be to use a timeline action (like suggested in the previous response) at the end of an timeline, triggering a continuation on the timeline that needs to run at the end. Just add a pause frame in that end timeline, so the second timeline doing the continuation actually plays it through and not the first.


Timeline 1, has a continuation of Timeline 3 at the end.
Timeline 2, has a continuation of Timeline 3 at the end.
Timeline 3, has a pause timeline keyframe so it stops once. Then after the pause your desired end animation

This plays out as…

Either Timeline 1 or 2, continues Timeline 3 and given that each can do it the first continuation stops at the pause and the second plays it through

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That's a pretty good non-coding solution — treating timelines like gears.

Reminds me how they build computer levels in Super Mario Bros. Maker… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRrqK2LyHes

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I agree and wrote an article about it back in 2022. You can find it here:

thank you very much, but i need that condition works when i it is being at the end for both timelines, not one of them, so i think it couldn't work with out "if" coding

It actually does. I’ll upload an example later… both of the timelines have a continuation of the third at the end. As the third timeline is indifferent about who switched it to the next state it should work. First continuation on the third timeline plays to pause (waiting for second continuation), the second continuation now plays the desired end state.

Quick demo without JavaScript. If you want a JavaScript version, I totally understand that as I tend to prefer code myself. Just let me know…

No-Code Version:
stateUsingTimelines.hype.zip (26,2 KB)


thank you so much, and yes i prefer to use code if you can help, appreciate your great support

You're welcome. Here is a mini extension and demo that provides a callback and a test function.

Code Version:
stateUsingJavascript.hype.zip (26,8 KB)


– mini magic with Timeline Watcher. Thanks, @MaxZieb !

Thank you very much :heart:

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