Timeline problem for diagram

hello wonderful tumult forum people

I am trying to create an interactive flow diagram. My idea is to use timelines to control filtering options on the flow diagram to make parts of the diagram appear and disappear. I have hit a problem in that when I try to filter more than one part of the diagram, some of the hidden areas become visible and some that should become visible stay hidden. For example, i wish to toggle the numbers on and off but only for the region of the diagram currently visible. I have made the timelines relative in the hope that this would help, but I just can't get my head around it.flow diagram concept.hype.zip (29.8 KB)

I have attached a simplified version of the idea. If anyone can tell me where I am going wrong, I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance for taking a look.

Hei Simon,
I would prefer a javaScript approach. Just quick and dirty: This script detects which button is pressed and switches between display block and display none. That works pretty neat, as long you don´t mix 'circles' and 'green' for example. This would take some more effort. Just to get an idea... ...

flow diagram concept_1.hype.zip (48.6 KB)


Many thanks for this Kalle. It works really well, I am very grateful. I will spend some time to get my head around the code and hopefully expand this further.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. If you have any further questions... :face_with_hand_over_mouth: